Data quality glossary   This glossary, built and maintained by Graham Rhind, has been created to bring together definitions of terms in the follow subject areas: Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Cleansing, Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Security, Data Warehousing, Database Management, Direct Marketing, Geospatial, Information Management, Information Quality, Localisation/Localization, Postal Addressing, Quality, Quality Assurance     This glossary is a work in progress.  A new version is uploaded approximately weekly.  Please contact us with any new definitions or sources you may have come across and would like to see included. ENTER GLOSSARY   The glossary currently contains over 9900 defined words and phrases. Each glossary entry includes the definition, the source (with URL if applicable), the date that the definition was added to the glossary and, because definitions depend on viewpoint, category tags such as [Data Quality], [Data Governance] and [Postal] Use the buttons to the left to navigate around our sister site at GRC Data Intelligence. Using the glossary Most definitions contain the definition, the author, the source of the information, and the date added to the glossary: Follow internal links (in blue or purple) for more information: Follow external links for other reference pages: Follow the Glossary link to return to the home page: Follow the Index link to locate and move straight to a topic:  
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